Don’t Waste Time. Love Yourself, Now.

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The Upworthy video below, with model  Jacky O’Shaughnessy,  reminds me of my second post-divorce boyfriend who said things like, ” If you wear those shoes, people will think you’re an idiot.” When someone gave me a compliment, he said,” Don”t tell her that; she’ll get a big head.” What’s scary is he was way better than my first post-divorce boyfriend. But that’s another horror story.

Warning: This video contains a beautiful woman in her underwear.

Thankfully I don’t waste time hanging out with negative people anymore, though I have caught myself letting them rent space in my head from time to time. I catch them quicker now, shooing them away like a fly that slipped through the door when I wasn’t looking.

Intellectually I know I’m not supposed to criticize my body. I’m thankful for my body.  I’m aware that I don’t need to look like a 24 year old model, or even a 64 year old model. I know that the average size of a woman in America is size 14. I know that most people don’t look like people we see in magazines, and that even people in magazines don’t really look like they appear in magazines. But sometimes I forget what I know and need reminders.

Note to self:

Love your body.

Love  your soul.

Love who you are.

Be who you are.

Say what you need.

Say what you like.

Heart above fairy face

I like people who lift me up, like I lift them up. I like people who make me laugh. I like my cheekbones.  I like my voice. And I finally like my hair.

What’s something you like about yourself?


9 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Time. Love Yourself, Now.

  1. I love my cheeks, my age spots, my crow’s feet that crinkle the edges of my sparkling fierce eyes, and my wild mane o silvering waves. Mostly, though, I love that I LOVE ME, at last!

    Hooray for all of us, and I hope post-divorce boyfriend #2 found a kinder place within himself, too.

    • I’ve always liked crows feet around eyes and silver hair. Thank you for the good wishes for pd boyfriend # 2 and reminding me to have compassion for him too. And yes, Hooray for us all!

      • I was a very blonde child, and worried that my hair would just fade into grey…but as I got older, my hair darkened, and those silver threads gleam like treasure…and my crow’s feet say that I smile more than frown.

        Hooray for us all indeed!

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