Things to Quit/Things to Start for a Happier Life

Quit these five things right now

Using the “power of positivity,” we can re-state each of these positively:

  1. Please yourself sometimes, please others sometimes, but don’t try to please everybody. When you’re not sure ask yourself, what will please God? or just take a shower and read a book.
  2. Change is inevitable.  We’ve all made it through changes big and small. Accept change. Look forward to change. Embrace change for the possibilities it offers.
  3. Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in today.
  4. Talk nice to yourself like a loving parent or supportive friend. Use words of encouragement.
  5. It’s okay to think about things if you’re thoughts are moving in a helpful direction.  But I can spend too much time in the land of scary “what ifs.” When I catch myself doing that, I imagine happier what if’s. Then I focus on the facts in front of me and return to the gifts of the present.

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