How to Heal a Broken Heart

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How to heal from a broken heart

This is exactly what I learned to do after my divorce. It took time. There was all that grief to work through, a codependent relapse or two, and a great deal of questioning.

But in time, I found me again. I put my love into the constants that had always been there for me: God, dogs, nature, painting, writing, singing, swimming, and family. I explored new interests like drumming, improvisational dance, and kayaking. I bought myself flowers and encouraging cards. Slowly but surely, I healed. In some ways, the healing was like coming home. In other ways, it was like a mid-life adolescence but with a little more wisdom and growing self-love.

What are the constants in your life that can support you through hard times?

What else can help heal a broken heart?

back cover painting (2) My back cover painting for Trust the Timing

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Letting Go of Resentment, Making Room for Love



“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Carrie Fisher


It was easier to be angry

For the pretend power.

I would harden my heart

And never be hurt again.

Funny thing is,

I did get hurt again.

Anger covered up the pain

I kept trying to push away.

Anger grew and solidified

Into a boulder of resentment

So slippery, nothing could stick to it.

So big, no one could get passed it.

Not even me.

Until, I started to find me again,

And I started to like me again.

And then, I started to love me again.

And I prayed

For the willingness

To consider

That thing I couldn’t bring myself to say.

The F word.

Not just for those who hurt me,

But for me, too.

And willingness came

And blew away the dust and debris

Allowing the wind and the rain and the sun

To flow into the cracks

And work magic.

With time,

The boulder began to break apart

Opening a path for love

To make room

For something so much better.


One-Liner Wednesday: Be with those who Love YOU the way you are.



“If you need to pretend or hide your true self, you are with the wrong people.”

Gordana Biernat


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Kissing Toads is Overrated


I’ve got nothing against toads. I’m just done kissing them.

Some advice givers say that finding your soulmate is like job hunting. You have to pound the payment and do interviews, like it’s a numbers game. The more dates you go on. with different people, the sooner you’ll find your true love. It reminds me of the saying that, “You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince.”

That might work for some people. But what if it’s more a matter of timing? Of being ready? And what if you realize that kissing toads is not much fun?

Kissing toads was not fun for me. Well, it was for a while, because I tried to believe the toads were princes in the making, and it was just taking a while for them to become princes. I wish I hadn’t let loneliness keep me from just shaking hands and saying goodbye sooner. I would have save myself from some heartache and stress.

Finally, I surrendered and focused on working on me, loving me and becoming the person I wanted to be for me. All the while, my soulmate was doing the same thing, but I didn’t know it. I hoped it, but I also accepted that maybe I was supposed to be single. I went five years without kissing a single toad, without kissing anybody romantically. It felt like a long time. But looking back, it wasn’t really that long, and it was worth the wait.

My soulmate found me when we were both ready and not a minute sooner.