Escape of the Introverts

Neon escape from pixabay

On the Sunday before labor day, I went out on a boat with a group of 8 people who I love or at least like.  The boat ride was great with clear skies, perfect weather, and an almost full moon coming up soon. For dinner, we docked at a very busy restaurant where lots of other people had the same idea. The food was average at best, but that I can deal with. The noise level was another thing. I find it hard to concentrate on conversations when there are so many other conversations going on, and eating under these tense conditions often gives me indigestion. So after I’d finished eating, and I’d had enough of straining to hear the person next to me, I said, “I need to go outside and look at the moon.”

Three other people immediately followed me out to the dock.

The four of us stood there enjoying the relief of relative quiet. Then, my dear friend commented:

“The introverts got out first.”

“Yes!” I responded raising my fist in the air.


I was the leader of the introverts that night.





One-Liner Wednesday: PMS After Menopause


A photo I took at Brookgreen Gardens


Based on no particular research other than my experience, I am convinced that post-menopausal women have subtle hormone cycles that can cause PMS-like symptoms, even 10 years after menopause, leading to a lower tolerance for BS.


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One-Liner Wednesday: Electricity

Just because we lose electricity, doesn’t mean we lose power.


(I’m working on a poem about this on my other blog: “Anything is Possible.”)

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Retirement Ball on the Horizon

Getting ready for the next big step in loving me, too.

Anything is Possible!


Retirement is coming, and it’s gonna be a ball.

Not the kind of ball Cinderella went to, or the Marine Corps Ball my parents went to when I was a kid. Not a volleyball that I really enjoyed in college, but it might hurt my hands now, unless they have Nerf volleyball for seniors.

Wait a minute. I’m not really a senior. Am I? I don’t feel like a senior. Okay, I am 60, and I am tired more than I used to be… Oh, let’s not go there.

Let’s go back to the ball! For me, having a ball is going to be writing, painting (both art and walls of my little urban cottage) puttering around the yard as I sculpt mother nature just a tad, and naps! I love naps. That would have sounded boring to me 30 or 40 years ago, before I had kids, but ever…

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Seeing Inter-being, Now?

I love water and circles. This just makes me feel so good. Thanks to SmileCalm…………


In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. ~ Aristotle

webbed drops ~d nelson webbed drops ~d nelson

“I’m pleasantly surprised”
he said upon arrival, long ago.
Experiencing with warmth
from Water Beings,
a sense of connection,
compassion and love.

“We are water,
surrounded by water
and as long
as there is water
our fundamental conditions
of survival & happiness
are met”, she said.


“It’s so easy being happy
dancing harmoniously
embraced by paradise,
free from notions of selves
separate from our essence.”


Gradually understanding
Water Being’s message,
of his own water-nature,
of  web’s connecting
all as one organism;
tangled & untangled
by perpetual impermanence.

webbed drops 4 webbed drops 4

After unbounded summer sunshine,
so long after each last
of those drops
had vaporized
into clouds of fresh potential,
newly manifest Water Human Beings
contemplate impermanence
& inter-being among the entirety
of nature’s cycles.

webbed drops 2 webbed drops 2

If you are a poet, you…

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Remembering Faith


I forgot again, didn’t I?

All those times You rescued me.

All the times You carried me

Through the self doubt,

Like a parent

Teaching a child to ride a bike.

Guiding me.

Letting me fall

So I could learn.

And Always, You were there

To help me get back up

and try again.

I still make mountains out of molehills.

But when I remembered to trust You,

To lean into You,

When I let You be my strength

on steep rocky paths,

My life jacket

trudging through swamps and puddles,

When I remembered You had my back

as I stood firm against darkness and drama,

The journey became less difficult,

My burden lighter.

My joy is multiplied

And my spirit sings

When I trust You.

You are my

Creator,  Redeemer,  Sustainer.