Finding My Wings

The Spiritual Passenger,

right on time,

read my mind

Before knowing me:

“Say for instance, you fear trying to use your artistic gifts to pursue a career.”

That’s the one.

And with that, the fear within the questions:

Can I depend on the offer to support me living that dream?

Is it possible that I can depend on someone other than myself?

Am I worth that much,

that someone would give me such a gift?

The answers came, to nourish wings

longing for flight.

I have taken the leap.

I’m flying!

bird in blue sky


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Things to Quit/Things to Start for a Happier Life

Quit these five things right now

Using the “power of positivity,” we can re-state each of these positively:

  1. Please yourself sometimes, please others sometimes, but don’t try to please everybody. When you’re not sure ask yourself, what will please God? or just take a shower and read a book.
  2. Change is inevitable.  We’ve all made it through changes big and small. Accept change. Look forward to change. Embrace change for the possibilities it offers.
  3. Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in today.
  4. Talk nice to yourself like a loving parent or supportive friend. Use words of encouragement.
  5. It’s okay to think about things if you’re thoughts are moving in a helpful direction.  But I can spend too much time in the land of scary “what ifs.” When I catch myself doing that, I imagine happier what if’s. Then I focus on the facts in front of me and return to the gifts of the present.


Success Expense

Success is taking care of our health – our physical health, our mental health, and our spiritual health.

Success includes loving our families – our families of origin, our families of choice, or both.

Success does not compromise our values. It helps us feel good about who we are, deep down in our souls.

This is the success I seek.

It’s just over the next hill.

Don’t Walk on Eggshells

Anything is Possible!


Don’t walk on eggshells for love.

If you do, it’s not real love.

Real love knows how to hold an egg


An egg is miraculous

Full of life,

Therefore powerful.

Yet it is fragile

And must be handled with care.

Where do eggshells come from?

From eggs hatching hatch-lings?

Hatchlings that will grow up

And fly away.

But then our love

came back one day.

You handled our love with care

And the wisdom that grew

From years of walking on eggshells.

We won’t do that anymore.

No need to fear.

Only to fly!

A new world waits for us to find it.

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt was “egg.”

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Lost in the Party!

Excellent message from “An Armchair Perfectionist.” I’m so glad I don’t try to fit into such situations anymore. I’ve learned this the hard way: “If it don’t fit, don’t force it.”

An Armchair Perfectionist

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I was at a party last night. A party I gate crashed actually. I wasn’t invited even though everyone around me had received one of those glossy gold and blue invitation cards. I really wanted to be there, so I decided to cleverly make my way inside. I knew I deserved to be there and see all those people.

I fully expected to feel like a deer in headlights on my entrance; instead I was looked right through. No one noticed as I slipped between groups or deliberately bumped into them. There wasn’t even a polite smile directed my way. I had prepared some truly witty sentences that I could throw around and practiced my laugh at hundred times in front of the mirror (Remember, left profile is more flattering!). I wanted my troubles to finally pay off… and how dare not a single person acknowledge my…

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