Curve Balls, Lessons, and Blessings


Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Asking “Why did this happen to me, when I  tried so hard to be good?” didn’t really help. I didn’t want to look at my part in the divorce because it just hurt too much. But eventually, I was able to look at it objectively.

I had felt overwhelmed trying to please everybody, so I focused on my job and made sure the kids were taken care of. My husband felt neglected and left our twenty year marriage. After a long time, I stopped beating myself up. I learned to love myself again and began the long process of forgiveness.

It took years, but the love and forgiveness is what made things better. The lessons I learned along the way have enriched my life and brought blessings I would never have imagined.

How has time given you a different perspective on the curve balls you’ve been thrown?

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