You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen.

I love her wild, natural hair and her confidence. Sometimes it’s nice to just be your real self, with no make up, letting your hair do what it wants, honoring your soul.



“You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen.
But if you are beautiful at sixty,
it will be your soul’s own doing.”

~ Marie Stopes

~ Image by Summer Wuerthner
Text & image source: Lace, Fringes And All Things Ornate

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A Relaxing, Frugal Honeymoon

Good memories of our honeymoon in December of 2012.

Anything is Possible!


I’ve never been to Key West. To be honest, I didn’t want to go that far, hearing it was a rambunctious sort of place.

About three years ago, when my husband and I were looking for a honeymoon spot, he wanted to stay in the US. Both of us being rather frugal, we looked for somewhere not terribly far away from where we live. He suggested the Florida Keys, where I’d never been.

Hilton beach buddyI wanted to relax in a natural setting, and searched the internet for months without finding what I was looking for. Then I started playing with Google Earth, zooming in on areas that had a lot of trees. After weeks of searching, I found an area on Key Largo that looked promising. It turned out to be the Key Largo Hilton which prides itself on it’s natural environment.

I wanted to feel like I was close to…

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